Friday, January 31, 2014



新年快乐!Happy New Year!
新年快乐!我今天买了很时髦的帽子!Happy New Year! I bought a very fashionable hat today!
你戴给我看吧!Why don't you wear it for me to see!

哈哈!你像一匹马,欢迎马年!Haha! You're like a horse, welcoming the Year of the Horse!

你为什么戴牛头?今年不是牛年。Why are you wearing an ox head? It isn't the Year of the Ox.
你应该把它脱下来。You should take it off.

你真正的头在哪里?! Where is your real head?!

我没有任何其他的头。我只是一头牛。I don't have any other head. I'm just an ox (one head of ox).


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